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The 6 Best Promotional Giveaways for 2019

Coming up with a promotional giveaway for your company is one marketing strategy that can keep you in the consumer’s mind. Here are some trending products that you can consider for a win-win situation.


Smart Cube Desk Accessory

This cube is anything but little. It might look like a simple cube but opening it up reveals more hidden treasures underneath. It has a holder for pens, sticky notes, notepads, business cards, and even a smart phone holder.

It can be custom designed to fit your company color, logo, and list of services. Your target audience will be constantly reminded about your company since they will see it every day once it has been placed on their desk.

Solar Phone Chargers

Custom designed solar phone chargers are fast becoming trendy particularly with green technology being advocated by almost every company you can think of. This is one handy giveaway that would surely be appreciated by your customer.

Eco Tote Bag

Eco bags are now making its way as the latest fashion trend. There are a number of eco bags with good quality that you can choose from. Your company name and logo on the front and the back makes good advertisement for other consumers as well since they can see it at a distance.


Reusable Collapsible Mug

Give your customers the ease of carrying their own mug to the nearest coffee shop without the bulk. Perfect for office spaces as well since it doesn’t take too much space. It can simply be collapsed and kept inside the drawer.

Wireless Phone Charging Pad

A quick and simple advertisement tool that gets used on a daily basis. Choose one that is compatible to more than one brand.


Yoga Mats

Almost everyone, particularly millennials, is into health and fitness so why not use yoga mats as a unique promotional tool? Just imagine how your company logo would look on that large print area.

As you can see, promotional giveaways have definitely come a long way from the usual keychain and pens. We’re sure that 2019 has more to offer as we near the end of 2018. What’s your favorite promotional giveaway?

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