Hi there! Welcome to Proboards42!

My name is William Apodaca and I’ve been working in the Advertising and Marketing industry for 5 years. From my original job as a copy writer, I eventually moved up the corporate ladder to my current position as a Marketing manager.

For people, like me, who work in a highly competitive industry, it is imperative that we always remind our customers of our business/service and also to potentially attract new customers. 

In all of my 5 years in the Marketing industry, I’ve learned that being innovative and forward thinking can make a huge difference between a successful and an unsuccessful advertising and marketing campaign. Both can actually make or break a sales pitch.

What works for one business might not work for another and vice versa. This is why marketing agencies have provided customers with more than a handful of advertising and marketing products to choose from.

I’m talking about business cards, stationeries, pens, flash drives, mugs, brochures, calendars, keychains, magnets, posters, labels, stickers, digital marketing, clothing, and other good stuff that one can possibly think of as a good marketing medium.

Do you have an idea that is both innovative and forward thinking? I’d love to feature you on Proboards42. Send me an email and let’s talk shop!